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Organic Melt

Organic Melt is a mixture of our unique organic FUSION liquid deicer "sugar beets" and a refined salt to create the most effective and least corrosive deicer on the market! Organic Melt is a highly effective natural deicer, with a very low freeze temperature of -30 degress celcius and fast ice-melting action. 

With the power of FUSION, Organic Melt's application rate is much lower than most products on the market. Minimizing traction and reducing the overall janitoral costs related to negative effects of ice melters.  The power of FUSION also reducess the corrosive effects making it a very friendly product to use.

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Organic Melt Overview.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

  • Prevents Slips and Falls

  • Use on Streets and Sidewalks

  • Gentle on concrete, asphalt, pavers and vegetation when used as directed

  • Effective down to -30C (road salt good till -12C)

  • Fast Acting

  • Won't Stain carpets or clothing

  • Does not contain calcium chloride nor magnesium

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