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With AR Equipments line of Axiom Metrolite LED light towers are the perfect option to continuously, efficiently and safely light up your job site. From electric light towers to hybrid and diesel options, you can be sure you’ll find the right industrial lighting unit for your project. 

Nimble and compact the ELT-4320, the all-new octagonal-shaped Metrolite ELT-4320 Electric LED Light Tower is ready to illuminate your construction job site affordably with zero noise, zero emissions and zero maintenance.

The HLT-6150 Hybrid LED Light Tower uses solar power and battery technology to efficiently illuminate your nighttime operations. As one of the most innovative light towers on the market, the HLT-6150 can run on solar and diesel, as well as function as an electric light tower, with its versatility, you can expect to reduce labour costs and spillage by refueling only once every 30 – 40 days instead of every 2 – 3 days with conventional light towers.  



Looking for a reliable, efficient, and innovative way to transport fuel, industrial lubricants, and other hazardous liquids? Look no further than our Megatank Fuel Tank Storage & Transport! 

These tough and versatile tanks are designed with a bi-directional forklift pocket design and internal baffle plates to protect against sloshing during transport. The fully removable inner tank allows for easy access during routine maintenance, while the stacking corners double as lifting lugs for total ease of maneuverability. Plus, there are conveniently positioned ports and fittings underneath the primary hatch lid that also opens to an extra-large equipment compartment area.

With options of 1000L, 2000L, and 3000L tanks, the Megatank is ready to meet your fuel storage & transport needs.

Megatank Fuel Tank Features

  • Bi-directional fork pockets and lifting brackets for easy maneuverability

  • Stackable 2 high when full and 3 high when empty

  • Internal baffle plates for protection against sloshing when transporting

  • The three-tier component design allows the inner tank to be completely removed and disconnected to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • The primary hatch lid opens to a conveniently positioned component ports plate with access to an extra-large equipment compartment area

  • Spacious equipment chamber with a universal bracket system inside that can support retractable hose reels, along with a variety of electric and rotary hand pumps.

  • Multiple ports that can connect up to three pieces of machinery at one time and allow dispensing simultaneously.

  • Galvanized stocking corner doubles up as a lifting bracket.

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