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Kargo King Roll-Off's



Landscape Ind.

       Seasonal work requires versatile truck equipment. The Landscaper understands this dilemma better than most. In the summer, the Landscaper tools are commonly a Dump Body, Flat Deck or Waste Bin but in the winter the tool is mainly the Salt/Sand Spreader. There is always the option to slide a V-Hopper Salt/Sand Spreader into a Dump Body but this also means exposing the Dump Body to the winter elements, more specifically – corrosive salt! The added bonus of a Detachable Salt/Sand Spreader instead of a slide in V-Hopper is increased payload (= more salt!) per spread run. The benefit of mounting the Spreader on a Kargo King Accessory Deck instead of a conventional Dump Body. Landscapers will reduce the number of trucks and trailers in their fleet by opting for the right mix of Kargo King Detachable Bodies.

Detachable Bodies:

Dump Body (conventional), Landscape Body, Salt/Sand Spreader, Flat Deck, Accessory Deck, Equipment Deck


Construction contractors

Construction contractors have the greatest range of tasks to tackle. We can help! Consequently, this equates to an even greater need to improve utilization. No vocation benefits more from the breadth Kargo King Detachable System Truck Bodies available than Construction. Just about every detachable body offered is an viable alternative in a Construction fleet. Instead of tying up working capital with idle trucks, Construction fleet managers can now evaluate need by truck body rather than by truck. From the onsite, lockable storage afforded by the Sea Container to the application-specific features of the Equipment Deck, the benefits of the Kargo King to the Construction fleet are easily understood.


Detachable Bodies:

Dump Body (conventional), Landscape Body, Salt/Sand Spreader, Flat Deck, Water Tank, Sea Container, Waste Bin

Tree Service


Tree Service companies and Arborists encounter a variety of daily tasks.

In the morning, the job may dictate a wood chipping run or Stumper delivery and in the afternoon the call might be for firewood delivery. The Kargo King Detachable System presents these hard working contractors with the ability to perform all of these tasks with one truck! In this vocation, there is a strong need to work at ground level. The Kargo King Detachable Body can be lowered to ground level and detached to be left onsite until the job is complete. Budgets can be maximized by consolidating two bodies into one when selecting an aluminum Removable Chipper Hood with any Dump Body, Landscape Body or Waste Bin. Kargo King Detachable System equipped Arborist Trucks are usually deployed with an Chipper Body (or Removable Hood Combo) and commonly supplemented with an articulating crane and winch to create the ultimate work truck.


Detachable Bodies:

Chipper Body, Dump Body, Landscape Body, Waste Bin, Flat Deck & Removable Chipper Hood

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